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Mobile websites used more than APPs by Shoppers!

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

The top retailer mobile websites and apps reached 60% of the smartphone owners during the 2011 holiday period according to a recent study by Nielsen. Today there are almost 100 million smartphones in the US.  Adoption of smartphones are expected to continue to rapidly increase.

Nielsen included Amazon, Best Buy, e-Bay, Target and Walmart mobile websites and APPs in their study. The study also found that more consumers use mobile websites rather than APPs.

Mobile Shoppers

Men were more likely to download the retailer’s mobile APPs than women. Shoppers who used mobile APPs  generally spent more time viewing the mobile content.  The implication is retailers should find ways to encourage consumers to download their APP to create a deeper relationship.

For more information, please refer to the Nielsen study.

The Interactive Store

Friday, August 27th, 2010

How the interactive experience is coming to a store near you

The in-store shopping experience is loosing its competitive edge to the online digital shopping experience.

According to IPG Media Labs shopper satisfaction at retail stores is declining at a rate of 15% per year.  This is during a time when many retailers are facing lower sales due to the current economic conditions.

Meanwhile, the online shopping experience has become more main stream.  Online consumers are getting accustomed to being empowered with detailed product information, product reviews, interactive selection options, and more at their fingertips when they shop online.  Expectations have been permanently raised.

So what are retailers doing to enhance the in-store shopping experience?  The interactive shopping experience is being integrated into the in-store experience.

Here is a sampling of some of the in-store interactive media solutions recently introduced.

• Stop & Shop is testing hand-held scanners in 289 of its stores. The scanners deliver personalized ads and offers based on purchase history, location within the store, and last item scanned. They also have placed kiosks in the deli area allowing shoppers to order product and their order is fulfilled while they shop.

• The Limited is considering installing interactive mirrors in its stores. The mirrors will allow shoppers to mix and match styles and warn of mismatches.

• Target has launched a mobile application that allows their Customers find a store, keep up-to-date on sales, clip coupons and store the Target Gift Card for payment. Best Buy is launching a mobile program called ShopKick. An application is downloaded to your mobile phone and you earn reward points for shopping in the store. Dunkin Donuts and Walgreens are also planning to launch new mobile programs soon to draw customers into their stores.

There is a good article in the Wall Street Journal, “Luring Shoppers to Stores”, that covers this topic and provides more details on some of the retailers plans.

The challenge will be how consumers adopt to the new in-store technology. Generation Y sees mobile devices and interactivity as a natural part of their daily lives. Will the preceding generations adopt the new in-store technology?

At some point, there might be no choice!

Okay. So how will the retail interactive experience impact how you manage your business in the digital world?