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How to make money selling your iPhone 4!

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Now is the time to sell your iPhone 4!   If past history is any indication, trade-in values will begin to plummet shortly after the announcement. October 4th seems to be the day Apple will make the iPhone 5 announcement.

Today you can get up to $250 for your iPhone 4. We expect the iPhone 5 with a 2 year contract will retail for $199. By sell your used iPhone now,  you can put some cash in your pocket. If you wait for a week, you could see the trade-in values drop to $175 to $165.

My recommendation is do not try to sell your iPhone yourself on Ebay. The Ebay marketplace quickly becomes flooded with the last generation’s iPhone models when the new model is announced. Lock in your price now with one of the trade-in platforms such as NextWorth. They normally allow you to lock in  trade-in values for around 21 days.

Here is a great chart that shows how quickly prices drop during the iPhone 4 product release.