Wesley Partners helps business-to-consumer marketers establish an effective digital footprint that attracts new customers while encouraging your existing customers to make additional purchases. And considering the many ways consumers are being bombarded with ads, offers, and a variety of other content from your competitors, it is critical to engage your consumers in the right places, at the right times. As a result, utilizing the right mix of digital platforms - including your online presence, social media, mobile, in-store media, and payment options – to deliver your promotional messages and driving traffic become an essential way of engaging your target audience.

At Wesley Partners, we help business-to-consumer marketers by: CREATING an exceptional message to enhance your visibility in the marketplace, DISTRIBUTING your unique messages through right mix of digital channels, and MONETIZING these channels by retaining and attracting new consumers to your business.

How we do accomplish this? We follow a step-by-step process to achieving your objectives.

Research, Strategy, and Planning

First, we create an ROI driven plan to consistently produce messages that not only support your business generation efforts, but help to establish you as a market leader. In order to accomplish this, we conduct a market analysis of your existing consumer base and your competitors to help us better understand the challenges in your marketplace. Then based on this analysis, we design programs that support your sales plans, report the data, and provide best practice recommendations, resulting in an actionable and measurable plan that enhances your market visibility while creating revenue opportunities.

Plan Execution

After creating an actionable plan, we establish a repeatable and coordinated digital media presence that enhances your visibility in your industry, providing you with content in the form and format most appropriate to the target audience. And we don’t stop there. Throughout this process, we manage and execute lead and sales generation programs to support your quarterly and annual sales goals, with the end result being the implementation of a repeatable and sustainable awareness that drives lead and sales generation campaigns that produce measurable results.

Establish Your Digital Footprint

Building a coordinated, targeted, and measurable digital media presence that supports business generation and customer retention is key. By establish a digital media value chain that fits your products, services, and customer base, a strong and sustainable online presence is achieved in all the required channels including blog, mobile, social media and sites, as well as other digital channels specific to your target audience.

Sales & Marketing Integration

In order to free your sales force to close business, we integrate digital media, lead generation, and sales generation enabling them to focus on scheduling meetings and closing business. The end result: the establishment of a strong sales pipeline and improved “closed” rates.

Social Media Integration

By developing a purposeful social media presence, Wesley Partners help you link and manage social media activity to support your sales and marketing goals. With an established and sustainable process to leverage the appropriate social media channels, we help you not only create the right messages that support sales generation and market awareness, but also effectively distribute it to your target audience at the right time.

Lead & Sales Generation

Working in tandem with your management team, we create the on-going direct response lead and sales generation campaigns that support your sales team and the monetization of your goals. The result is a calendar of marketing activities that supports the sales of your products and services.

Measurement & Reporting

To ensure that you’re continually experiencing the predicted results, we operationally define a process to measure results, as well as, manage and report on the ongoing activity. This enables us to effectively evaluate what’s working and continually optimize your sales and marketing activities accordingly.