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Epler HealthLaunching a Publishing Business


Epler Health, Inc. creates and distributes health and disease management content that is based on its branded five steps to controlling your health. A well known international medical expert was seeking to launch a self-publishing business. The business would need to market, distribute, and monetize a series of personal health books and a variety of other content on an ongoing basis. There were no resources in place and the company had not been established.


A plan was established that outlined the strategy and tactical steps required to quickly launch the new business, Epler Health. This included branding, printing and publishing the first and marquee book in the series, establishing an online presence, e-commerce site, establishing distribution channels, and outlining the metrics for the business model. Resources were establishing for production management, site construction and management, content creation, and distribution.


  • The business was successfully launched and branded within the first 60 days of engagement.
  • The first book was successfully published within 60 days of final edits.
  • A brand new web site was built and launched in the fall of 2010.
  • A video series was shot and produced to support marketing the book series.
  • Public relations efforts were commenced in December of 2010 and within two weeks the author appeared on CBS radio affiliate and was booked with three sponsored events.



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