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Whether you're a business-to-business or business-to-consumer marketer or a publisher marketing to any type of audience, Wesley Partners can help you grow your business by leveraging our depth of experience in digital media and direct response marketing to create new sales opportunities and deepen customer relationships. And as our very happy clients can attest, the result of our work is helping companies drive profitable and sustainable customer engagement through the appropriate mix of digital media channels and the distribution and monetization of content.

NextWorthEstablishing Retail Partnerships


NextWorth facilitates the trade-in and sale of a wide variety of consumer electronics and media, online and in-store through its retail partners. A retail partnership with Target was estimated to represent $200 million of annual sales. A relationship with NextWorth was a new initiative for Target and careful negotiations needed to take place, contract terms established, and NextWorth needed to demonstrate its ability to roll out its program in hundreds of Target stores.


A partner strategy was established for an in-store platform to bring NextWorth’s concept into Target stores. The strategy included third party partner Radio Shack to staff and service the in-store kiosks. Contract terms were established and successfully negotiated with Target demonstrating NextWorth’s ability to roll out the concept to 850 Target stores.


Target agreed to roll out the concept to 850 stores, and new product features were developed to fit the concept within the Target stores. These included establishing new reverse logistics, payment card interfaces, and reporting.

  • All 850 stores were rolled out as planned within a three month period.
  • For 2010, revenues are estimated to be 5X higher than 2009.
  • The current revenue run rate is over 10 X higher than last year.
  • For 2011, revenues are projected to grow 5X over 2010 as store footprint grows to over 1,400 stores.

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