Blogs and Social Media Influence Shopping Behavior

Blogs and Social Networks are increasing in importance in the shopping experience.

The Women and Social Media 2012 BlogHer study reveals that information and advice provided on Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all highly trusted by consumers (over 85%.) Blog information is the most trusted possibly due to the detail content provided in a blog compared with a brevity of a Facebook post.

Trusted Sources - 2012 Study

Given the high trust level of these sources, consumer purchase decisions are being heavily influenced by the information and advice provided by blogs and social networks. Blogs seems to have greater influence over the purchase decision than social networks (87% versus 54%, respectively).  The study also shows a new social media entrant, Pinterest, has grown quickly to be a respected source.

Purchase Intent - Blogher 2012 Study

The study also reveals the impact of blogs and social networks across consumer electronic and beauty product verticals. For help with consumer electronic purchase decisions, 84% of survey participants relied on blogs and 56% upon social network information or status updates. For the beauty products vertical, 61% of the survey participants relied blogs and only 33% on social networks for help with their purchase decisions.

This study supports the need for consumer product and service companies to refine their marketing strategies to address the growing importance of blogs and social networks.

How will the results from this study change your company’s digital marketing strategy?

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