Digital or Die!

Are you in step with the evolution?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “The Year Ahead for Media: Digital or Die”, does a great job outlining how digital media is crushing traditional media. We are certainly living through the changes with our clients in the retail, publishing, and business services sectors.

Here are some key take-always from the piece for the year ahead…

• Advertisers anxious about how technology is undermining their business will continue to flee from print and move to fast-moving media like digital
• Social media content will be redefined with more content coming from traditional media companies promoting products and connecting with consumers
• Social media based services businesses, offering advice to home chore services, will be social media based marketing to and connecting with customers through this new distribution channel
• Video-on-demand will be offered allowing home viewers to watch movies earlier than they can now for premium prices
• Television networks will continue to focus on how to make money online as young consumers continue to watch their favorite TV shows online
• Print advertising will continue to migrate to the less expensive internet and mobile media as readers continue to migrate to digital with iPads, tablets, and other e-readers
• eBook sales will nearly triple to $2.8 billion by 2015 from just under $1.0 billion in 2010
• Online and digital advertising will continue to face scrutiny in 2011 over tracking of consumers information
• Games will continue to grow as Apple changes the industry with options to instantly download games to their devices
• The music industry will evolve with concerts, a standard bearer for promoting “record” sales, with the top 50 concert receipts declining by 15% with the continuing growth of digital file sharing and distribution of music

Read the article!

So how will you evolve your business in 2011 in the digital world?

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